SoundCloud Playlist Creator ๐ŸŽต

Simple SoundCloud playlist creator using Soundcloud API.

  1. I develop these simple SoundCloud player to sharpen my JavaScript knowledge.
  2. In main.js file there are 4 main sections to resolve as you can see.
  3. Those 4 sections should be developed to get the final product “Soundcloud Player”.
  4. In the future there could be subsections as I develop.
  5. As the time of writing this blog post SoundCloud has stopped providing free API keys, so I’m gonna use a public API key that I found on the Internet. might get broken, let’s see
  6. This post is going to get updated as I develop this.

Query Soundcloud API.

  1. Even though this is the 2nd section, I want to tackle this first.
  2. You can read more about the “Search” function in SoundCloud docs.
  3. I copied the code in SoundCloud docs and refactored as I want (Removed <script> tags, removed license filter and put the “Client Id”)
  client_id: 'Client Id'

SC.get('/tracks', {
  q: 'buskers',
}).then(function(tracks) {
  1. Then I created SoundCloudAPI object and SoundCloudAPI.init(), SoundCloudAPI.getTracks() functions, so I can call those functions easily.
SoundCloudAPI.init = function() {
  client_id: 'Client Id'


SoundCloudAPI.getTracks = function (inputValue) {
	SC.get("/tracks", {
		q: inputValue
	}).then(function (tracks) {
		if(inputValue === "") {
			alert("You have entered an empty keyword");
		} else {
  1. Used an if condition to avoid searching blank keywords.

Displaying Cards.

  1. Created renderTracks() function to print/render all the result tracks as cards, so the cards can be rendered dynamically and easily looped through.
  2. Inside the function I created the card dynamically using createElement(), classList and appendChild() methods.
  3. Finally called the API endpoints dynamically.

Add to playlist and play.

  1. Grabbed the code for embedded player from SoundCloud docs.
SC.oEmbed('', {
  auto_play: true
  console.log('oEmbed response: ', embed);
  1. Modified the code to place the “embedded player” on the left sidebar and pass the music dynamically (Music passing clickEvent is coded inside “Displaying Cards” section)
  2. Used insertBefore() method to stack the music in the .js-playlist div.
  3. Then I used localStorage to save the created playlist for the user even if exited.

Search Function

  1. Created Search object.
  2. Created 2 functions pressEnter() and click() using the object.
  3. Those two functions are used to get the search keyword when pressed “enter” or clicked the search icon.

Reset Function

  1. As a extra, added a “Reset” button to clear the localStorage() and reload the page.